Friday, August 21, 2009

What makes you “interesting”?

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Past disseminating information on the facts of whatever industry you work in. Why do you think people will care to read your blog posts? Or listen to you at their will? If you haven’t picked it up already, the topic of what makes people interesting has been on my mind recently. Yesterday, I discussed the topic with Craig Kleber (Director of Integrated Insights at Y&R, Irvine). I’m not just saying this but I came out of the discussion with a new lens. Here are some of the points (on being interesting & everything else) he made:

  • Look at yourself and extract what makes you special.
  • Make connections where there aren’t any (connect the unconnected). Raw material doesn’t have much value
  • You need Curiosity + Intelligence + Creativity
  • Learn the “why” of something (as opposed to “what”) this will give you a better understanding and help you in the long run
  • Human decisions are both rational & emotional. We all use our left & right brain in decision making. Some people say they are right brained and vice versa. Although people might use one side more often, we are all capable of using both facilities…it’s all about application.
  • Respect your own voice
  • Be prepared!

Very grateful to Craig for his input.

When you peer deep inside, you find that working is an exchange. At an obvious level it’s an exchange of money for talent. However, it becomes all the more worth it when you add passion & respect into that equation. You give them your passion & talent in exchange for respect and money.