Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Agency Websites

Who do agencies target with their website? It’s obvious that they want to impress their clients and draw in new ones as well but I think it also works as a recruiting tool. Below are some of my favorite agency websites. Judging was strictly based on pure likability so its 100% subjective. Enjoys (meerkat style)

In no order of preference (to visit the website, click on the logo):

Need I say more? Sign up for your social media experiment on their website. 

 Love the concept, right & left brain as it is used in an agency.

From my home country, it's awesome because it reflects African culture. Good Job!

 What happened to the blue characters? I thought they were cute. I like the new website for its interactivity, nice.

A periodic table, with a mix of account handlers, planners & creative. What’s not to love.

Yes, I want to know, at any given time, the make up of your employees. Now I know that 11% of the people are Brazilian. V. Cool.

Last but not least, more of a blog but that worked on me when I saw the website, applied and got a job (all the way from Nigeria). A good source for digital technology. Check out their humorous Obama mash up.

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