Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Design: Infographics

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. What happens when you have numbers/words/concepts and you would like explain what the numbers/words/concept means in less than a thousand words? Use a picture!

In the words of smashmagazine,  infographics can be described as visual representations of information, data or knowledge — are often used to support information, strengthen it and present it within a provoking and sensitive context, depending on designer’s creativity. For a better understanding/appreciation of the history of the 2010 World Cup's least favorite instrument, check out the "vuvuzela" infographic below (made by socialradar via mashable).

I'll spare you any more words so you can feast your eyes on the many types of infographics out there.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Getting involved in charity is something most people have on their list. But how many people actually tick that action off? An innovative charity website designed to "power offline action" gets the innovate vote today. is a website that encourages empowers teenagers /young adults with a straightforward tactic: Leveraging "communications technologies to enable teens to convert their ideas and energy into action." The concept is simple, if you are a teenager who wants to make a change in your community, check out the opportunities available or create a club that supports your cause. This can be done by clicking on the ACT NOW toolbar.

DoSomething is an action-oriented charity that has progressed from the traditional emotional appeal to using instant communication tools. This charity will most definitely appeal to anyone who wants to be involved in their community but doesn't know where to start.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Digital: 3D Audio

Last Tuesday, I wrote about audio bedtime stories by The Magical Story Machine. This week's digital post is not too far off from that. If you've ever wondered what 3D sounds like, look no further:


Papa Sangre is a surround sound mobile game that guides players through a virtual thriller maze with the aim of saving a loved one. According to the website:
Papa Sangre is a video game with no video. It’s a first-person thriller, done entirely in audio by an award-winning team of game designers, musicians, sound designers and developers. We’ve created an entire world using the first ever real-time 3D audio engine implemented on a handheld device. Which was BLOODY HARD.

To visit this dark and mysterious palace, players will only need an iphone, functional earphones and...their imagination. Check out this video to get a snippet of what the game sounds like:

Entering the Palace of Bones from Papa Sangre on Vimeo.

I think it's brilliant idea. I haven't had the opportunity to watch the video in full because of my internet connection but I am guessing the game will be even more fun when played in a group, as shown during their first playtest.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Lateral Fridays

Depending on the way you look at it, Friday either signals the end or the beginning.  Is it the end of an awesome work week? or the beginning of a horrifying weekend? Our topic today is about changing our perceptions to explore alternate posibilities. It's about recognizing our pattern of thinking and removing barriers in order to tap into our creative spirit. Here's a video from the mastermind behind the concept of Lateral Thinking: Edward De Bono.

Lateral thinking is an area of interest for me because it opens doors that we never even knew existed. Do You Recognize These 10 Mental Blocks to Creative Thinking?

Here are two examples of lateral thinking:
If you haven't already watched Valentine's Day, I thoroughly recommend it. Not only is it a funny movie but the unexpected relationships and individual story resolutions make the plot a very good example of lateral thinking at work. I personally think that the art of writing (whether writing scripts for movies, TV shows or non-fiction books) involves a lot of lateral thinking because writers tend to play with our preconceived notions to produce twisted resolutions that make us love the shows, movies and books that we do.

Another example is by LoveJozi, a T-shirt company based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

If you can't beat the competition, join become 'em. (:

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Inspiring Thursdays

As you might have noticed with the headings, each day has a focus on a particular subject matter. So far we've had Digital, Design & Innovation. Today is a little different from the rest. While I've spent some time sharing my thoughts on ideas, brands and whatnot. Today I am changing focus to...people. Every Thursday, I will be featuring people that inspire me. People from all over the world, working in different industries. Today's feature is none other than Franchesca Leigh Ramsey from

I came across Franchesca's blog in 2008 and after watching a few of her videos, I was drawn to her bigger than life personality (the video below is one of my personal favorites). Although I discovered her blog a year before I started mine, her blog was one of the reasons why I reconsidered the "blogging thing."

With a BFA degree from Miami International University and aspirations to be a comedian, singer and entertainer,  Franchesca holds down more than just a graphic design degree. In 2008 she won the Red Carpet Reporter competition to interview celebrities for the 2008 Emmy's and she rocked it. She was also one of the many hosts of YouTube's LIVE stream.

What's there not to like about Franchesca? She is a shooting star with a bright future ahead of her!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Introducing: Wednesday's Design

ketOkay, as the title suggests, today is a design day and I couldn't be any happier. We all know design has many forms. There's interior design, graphic design, fashion design, web design and even product design. The list goes on. I like all forms of design because I am truly inspired by art and the expression of people/places/things through the different forms of art, design and media. I'm not your typical artist but I like to paint from time to time. Give me a sketchbook and you'll be my new best friend. That's why I'm excited about this post.

Introducing "The Sketchbook Project," a project that invites people from all over the world to be a part of a sketchbook collection that will be exhibited in these venues and then finally housed in the Brooklyn Art Library.

You sign up for the project by first ordering a sketchbook on the website. It costs $25 to participate but that shouldn't stop you from getting involved. You get to pick the theme of your book as well as the option to digitize your art (an extra 20). I like the fact that your book can be tracked.

I'd love to participate in this project, will keep you posted if i do. If all else fails in the world of advertising, I will become a glorified artist-cum-film director.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Introducing: Innovative Tuesdays

There's something about human beings that makes us want to create and label. Fashion Designers give their own labels to the clothes they make. In a similar fashion (I love puns) organizations give their products brand names. I suppose it makes sense when you look around you and everyone else looks different. We might share similarities but we all have unique qualities. This concept of personalization will be the focus of this post. But first I'd like to define the two words:

innovative: (of a product, idea, etc.) featuring new methods; advanced and original
personalization: design or produce (something) to meet someone's individual requirements

The feature today is The Magical Story Machine via Springwise. The latter featured 4 other personalization businesses but the story machine stuck out because it's a simple yet innovative method on personalizing an age old phenomena, the bedtime story.

Two years ago, armed with more than enough bags of shopping in my hands, I stopped by a bookstore to buy what I thought was cutest, quirkiest story book for my cousin. It was something about the life size illustration on display that drew my attention. But then when I gave the story book to my cousin, I didn't get the feeling that it was the best gift he had ever received. In other words, I don't think he even read it. What's the point of my story?

I think he would have preferred a personalized version of the story.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Introducing: Digital Mondays

After the 7 month hiatus, I am happy to say that my blog is back! It just seems like the right thing to do and a good reason to keep me up to speed on new developments.

Since my last blog post, mobile apps have taken center stage in the world of interactivity. But I'll spare you a post about apps to focus on a campaign I came across this morning on YouTube: "My Movie Pitch" sponsored by American Express & Tribeca Film.

While my initial interest in this campaign stemmed from my fascination with movie making and the processes involved (I wanted to be a film director at age's never too late), I am even more interested because of the mastermind behind it -- American Express. Everyday, I go through a number of websites. Websites by brands, people and what have you (robots in outer space?) and I usually take a screen capture of the sites that stand out. A couple of months ago, Open Forum was one of them. Open Forum is a social networking site created by American Express. In words of the company, Open Forum is "a social media site and resource center for business owners." You can learn more about it here or visit the website.

I'm not going to say this campaign makes me want to go register for a card but I am impressed at how subtle and classy the brand goes about with its digital promotion. If film making isn't your thing, you can visit other channels sponsored by American Express. Less focus on the brand and more on the individuals who just might register for it...that's what I'm talking about.