Monday, July 5, 2010

Digital: Artificial Intelligence

Imagine the horror when I woke up this morning and didn't have an idea for today's post. How is that possible? Everything about this blog has a digital element, offline ideas shared's a blog!
So I took a deep breath and did that thing my Doctor says to do anytime I run out of blog! I got out my surfboard but quickly realized what he actually meant. He meant the net.

Introducing Bina48, a robot with a lazy eye and digital mind. And I know you think I'm only just saying "digital mind" because I'm writing a "digital" post but if you liken this robot to the likes of  search engines e.g. Google, then it all makes sense. Google provides relevant answers to your questions. Bina does the same thing. Bingo! Go on with your bad self Mina, I ain't hating.

Check out her video here

 Bina joins Repliee Q 1 Expo and a few others:

In the future, instead of searching Google, we'll ask our robots instead...

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