Monday, April 6, 2009

Oh it’s a good day alright.

I’m beginning to like this blogging gig, you ramble about some painfully obvious fact and later come across angles that support or refute your point. So what, packaging is good for brands. The sky is bleu. We all know that right? Probably.

The folks at Tropicana do as well. You’ve probably come across this article on ad age. Unit sales for Tropicana dropped 20% following a package redesign hiccup. It’s called “wardrobe malfunction” in the world of brands. And if the recession seems like the likely variable -- think again, sales for rivals went up (ok, maybe they were cheaper rivals and the recession can be blamed for every malaise under the sky but I think otherwise).

So the question remains, are people that superficial? Or is their loyalty that strong? It’s like getting married to a supermodel and having their looks dramatically change after a few months. Would you rethink your decision? Be honest! Looks might have played a part when you said "I do" and in the aisle (pun intended) of the supermarket I’m guessing the same applies. Or maybe loyalty is comfort and change is not welcome when you’re comfortable. More on the subject of chatty packaging...later!


  1. Hey Daisy - welcome to the Blogosphere! Always great to find a new and interesting blog to read, keep it up :)

    I love this Tropicana thing. It's so strange to see a company backtrack like that.

  2. hey Christian, thanks! It's a pleasure actually, and congrats on your Ad age ranking :)

    I get you! Especially at a time when most brands are being very careful with adverting budgets.

    There's a video on youtube explaining the reason behind the change:

    as smart as it sounds I think it's something only marketers will get excited about. Just another great example that supports Jon Steel's point of why inspiration should come from outside (consumers).

  3. Hey Daisy,

    I really like your blog. You know,I sometimes wonder why consumers react to certain things and not others. For example, I like eating oreos but not during halloween or st patricks day or any other holiday. I tend not to eat them because the color of the cream changes to orange or green or some color other than white and in my mind its just not the same.

    I really enjoy reading your blog and your analysis of ads etc. Cool dude :)