Monday, March 30, 2009

human truths & milk

I won't deny it, I've been searching for the smartest idea on the web to share on this blog. But along the way, I figured you(this term is used with the slight instinct that I might be referring to myself) anyway, I figured if people wanted to learn about trends they would check out first or they would tweet about the lack of trends in their life and get a 100 million responses instantly. I'm not sure why I was going for that angle. But I do know I like to write so the blog is here to stay. You want a piece of my opinion?

Milk, unless you are lactose intolerant (then maybe soya milk) is only missed when you run out.

and this is why I like the got milk commercials.
I don't wake up and think about the milk carton in my fridge. As long as it does its job: fill up my cereal bowl, act as swimming ground for my chocolate chip cookies and, when I'm feeling like a health nut, be the life source to my oatmeal -- milk is out of my mind. But when I'm out of it, its all I can think of (ok slight exaggeration but who's reading?). Anyway, point being that everything else is milk. Whats your milk? your iphone, tv, friends? does this make sense. I think I'm "laterally thinking" here.


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