Thursday, April 30, 2009


Excuse the self-imposed hiatus. I've been creating a website and it has literally taken all my "internet time." If it was up to me I'd be a millionaire vacationing in Hawaii but I'm not and I'm looking for a job. The APG course was great my team won a prize.

Just in case you're interested, hiring, "should-be-doing-work-but-is-reading blogs-instead" drop me a line and prove i'm not the only one who reads this thing. ref code: "cookies"
haha, I really.

my website is at: The Best Website In The World



  1. Hey Daisy - check this out:

    Thought it might be of interest?

  2. Christian

    wow, thanks for looking out :) I got in touch with Amelia about that so fingers crossed I will see the inside walls of VCCP and the beloved meerkat. How are things?