Tuesday, September 8, 2009

T-mobile UK & Orange Merge

How can I put it? From the nerve endings of my brain, this merge is exciting, daunting and interesting. It’s exciting because I’m always curious to see what the end product will be like. Which brand will dominate?

In 2005, Cingular Wireless (now AT&T Wireless) acquired AT&T Wireless. After the acquisition, the AT&T brand name was changed to Cingular Wireless. At the time, I was surprised. Mainly because of the heritage attached to the AT&T name. However, the AT&T Wireless brand name was kept by the parent company: AT&T due to previous plans to launch a separate wireless company. Fast forward to a few years later and Cingular Wireless was switched to AT&T Wireless. Confusing! If you care to learn more, check out this post.

So yes, I’d like to see what enfolds in this case. Both brands are distinct in terms of their brand characteristics, personality & style and in my opinion it would be pretty cool to stick to the current “personalities” by creating distinctive premium & value packages that reflect the two brands. It’s daunting because I am a current T-mobile customer and the network is relatively affordable. Orange, last I checked, is not. Again, that premium / value package will come in handy. People willing to shell extra bucks for features on mobile apps that are otherwise wasted on others can go premium. In other words, apps can be made cheaper or free for premium users. And finally, it’s interesting because it’s a…wedding. A partnership of two organizations. Save the fact that a couple more people are involved -- I can’t help but think about it this way:

(Bubbly, Sociable)

(Retro, Modern)

What do you get? The possibilities are endless! Orange’s penchant for movies will fit perfectly with T-mobile’s preference for karaoke. Should O2 & Vodafone be scared? Will this combined network become a mobile empire?

Stay Tuned.


  1. I believe M&C Saatchi actually did 'imitate' that Lynx idea.


    Thanks for the comment! Nice to find your blog, always looking for good blogs!

  2. nice. the first story has more depth to it but that's not so bad either. thanks for visiting my blog, will add you to my blogroll :)