Thursday, February 5, 2009

Because I Said So

Excuse the fact that my title might have no relevance to this post. You see, I type as I think sometimes. Maybe on a subconscious level it is related. It sounds "markety" sloganish enough right? :P

I started blogging during my first year at college. Back in 2001, I had an assignment for my theater class to bring something I considered as my piece of art. Art was defined as "an expression of yourself" or some other romanticized thespian definition. I hadn't started painting by the time, and to be honest, I spent too much on the Internet to have any I thought, why not my blog?

My blog was the 17yr old version of a paper journal. I wrote mostly about relationships and tried to promote my website. 9.3Oam on monday morning, halfway through the presentations (people singing, acting, giving us their life story) I walked in front of everyone with a printout of my blog

"I consider my blog to be my art."
"Your what, your blob?"

They looked at me like I landed from planet mars. I looked at them and wondered if that was true. No one. Not a single person in the audience knew what a blog was. And if they did, s/he was too good of an actor to show it. I explained the idea, felt a little dorky and went back to my seat. "What do they know?" I thought.

And here I am today, posting in my very first blog post on blogspot -- the MacDonald of blogs. commercialization of art is what they call it.

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