Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Get married in the sky?

Opened up my inbox and was greeted with this today:

Clicked on it and I was informed on how gullible I was:

ah April Fools..I should've seen that coming! I thought it was cute and thought I'd send it to my sister who is not only getting married this year but in 2006 we flew on a virgin atlantic trip to LA where a lady proposed to her boyfriend, just like a scene out of a movie, she asked him to meet up in the bar and everyone cheered on. A few minutes later the flight attendant informed us all that he said yes. So I click on the "Forward to mate button" (the screenshot above is a copy I sent to myself) but to my dismay (oh Lord, why oh why) the message couldn't be sent:

mais non, pourquoi ca? I sent it to myself and it went through. Maybe because I am a flying club member, still it was a great way to promote flying club in such a relevant way. Maybe I'll write to Virgin about that -- or maybe I won't :)

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