Thursday, April 2, 2009

Packaging as an ice breaker

Have you ever used a brand because of its appearance? Do you judge brands based on how they look? They say beauty is skin deep and perhaps that applies to brands as well. You’ll only keep using a brand if it is any good. However, the words on the packaging are the equivalent to the first words uttered by a stranger. Or in the case of a known brand, think of the ads as the gossip magazines/publicity stunts and the packaging as the actual celebrity. Fuzzy analogies aside, I think the packaging of a brand is equally important as the advertising that backs it up.

Take the Tesco WAKE UP body wash for instance. I picked it up the other day because I thought it was cute. And yes, it helped that it was 3 pounds cheaper than Dove but…that’s another story. I gave it a try and it was worth it. If the sweet smell of raspberries in my morning shower doesn’t do it, it’s reading the words WAKE UP at a very appropriate time. It makes me smile.

Innocent is a successful brand built on natural ingredients, good ethics & quirky packaging. Who would’ve thought communicating to consumers via 250ml plastic bottles & 1 litre cartons would make a difference?

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