Thursday, June 25, 2009

you laugh at the easy stuff

I get it, having a blog is like a full time job. You don't just take off as you like. You stay abreast of the matters in blogosphere and read up on trade publications and attend seminars.

I haven't been doing any of those. But I've made a few observations here in California:

  • People will cue for the iPhone in the mall
  • People will express themselves with car stickers
  • People listen to your conversations
What does this mean for marketing? Make more product launches in the mall, give out free car stickers and last but not about your brand all the time!

On a more serious note, I now understand why Jon Steel advises people to have lives outside of marketing theory and such. It makes sense because some of the best ideas/insights come out of conversations.

Random "vaca" pictures:

<-- bitter republican, haha!

the title is a direct quote from my 9 yr old cousin

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