Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Times are a-changing

We live in a different world today, you’ve probably heard that before. But it makes sense to me even more when I compare my ten year old self in 1993 to my ten year old cousin in the present day. Save the fact that I grew up on a different continent, our 10 yr old lives are somewhat similar.

It’s a confirmed fact, most preteens aspire to be pop stars. Whether or not they are good singers is debatable. Back in the day, I remember taking part in singing contests with my sister and friends; we sang, danced, and wrote songs. While my sister had the talent for writing songs I wrote titles (“Kids” was one). Today my cousins are ready to take the world by storm. A website, a marketing plan (or what looks like one) and the ability to record their voices and create tracks without the help of a producer or consultant. I tried slipping in a consultancy fee but they asked if it was legal for adults to take money from kids. Don’t see why not :) My point: the current pre-teen generation is smart and well equipped. While back in my day I might have only wished to be a pop star, generation ZQ (sounds cool) is action oriented. They have the tools to make things happen and aren’t shy to do so.

How does this shape the future of marketing? For me it means that the conversations between brands and people will reach an unprecedented level. Time will reveal what this means but I get the feel that a generation growing up with "UGC" as the norm will expect more when they have disposable incomes.

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