Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Product Oomph

Oomph: the quality of being exciting, energetic or sexually attractive.
Not to be confused with “Oompah”

There’s nothing like a product that has that “oomph” factor and the one above (Hot Choc Chunks)
is indeed “oomphy” Why drink hot chocolate any other way? I’m on the lookout for products & services that qualify as having the oomph factor and I’ll be posting them on here. 

Last week, I was at Sheraton Heathrow and I took pictures of the “products” with this quality.

Nothing major, but what stands out to me is the thought behind it. Anyone who has spent at least a night in a hotel will come across the need to use a convertor or at least hang wet clothes (tell me I’m not the only one).

Just as we appreciate thoughtfulness from people, I can’t help but think that we expect the same from brands. I remember working on a project for Pizarro Design Studio
back in college and we were encouraged to create an integrated campaign. A group member suggested we contribute to Habitat for Humanity as the charity requirement. I forget the exact words but she could’ve easily said “requirement.” Make no mistake, brands are obligated to give and being that Pizzaro is a design studio, Habitat for Humanity was a smart strategic fit. However, it pays when such acts are done with thought. Whether it’s helping under privileged people or just creating happy moments, brands that show they care have a good place in my book.

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