Thursday, July 1, 2010

Inspiring: John C. Maxwell

When someone gives a detailed and honest breakdown of an area of interest that you have, you can't help but appreciate their input. Today's inspiration is of an author that I have come to respect and admire:

John C. Maxwell is known for his books and seminars on leadership. From reading and listening to him, I have learned that leadership is about empowering and inspiring people rather than merely dictating and managing them. I also like that he is upfront about his faith. Some people might tone down their faith in order to get mass appeal but that hasn't been the case for him. Mr Maxwell provides readers and viewers with insightful knowledge while also acknowledging the source of his wisdom. There's no doubt that Mr Maxwell is a respected leadership expert and a man of God to be reckoned with! Thank you Mr. Maxwell for giving me a better appreciation of life and leadership.

You can follow him on twitter @johncmaxwell for a healthy dose of advice on life, learning and leading.

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