Friday, May 8, 2009

Turkish vs American

If you're an avid CNN watcher, you've probably come across enough airline commercials to whet your jet setting appetite. And it makes sense that those commercials make their way on CNN given the international audience the channel offers. But pay closer attention and you'll notice something interesting with the Turkish & American airline commercials. At face value it seems the two brands are in a battle for "cool":



They both feature well known actors, both named Kevin:


Costner OWNS it in this one, and yes it helps that he is a Titan :) I personally think he delivers 'cool' in an edgier way. TA = 1 AA= 0

They are both promoting their Business Class experience.

Both ads are classy in a different way but Turkish airlines just gets it. Yes, Spacey delivers his lines with precision and is on cue but you get the feel that he is talking down to you. On the other hand, the score used in the TA ad and the way the story is told gets you involved, "what's going to happen next? will he whisk off with the flight attendant?" The best part is that the story is told without words, leaving you to make sense of what it all means. TA = 1 AA= 0

We all know the story, business class means you can eat, sleep, and relax from the moment you are in the lounge. In this day and age it seems major airline carriers are touting their extra features: decked out lounge, on board experience & the impeccable service. Most business travelers are aware of these features so merely talking about them might not get a brand far. So maybe it's creating a story that will. How will you tell your story? With a well acclaimed actor who delivers your script as he knows how? or with a twist? Use the actor but don't make him the center of your story because at the end of the day the consumer is the real star. Turkish Airlines goes for the latter, wining the third round. TA = 1 AA= 0

It's a landslide victory, TA wins 3 - 0. The Art Grup agency did a great job including (as opposed to alienating) consumers. Don't tell me what it's like to be an actor, show me what it feels like. Both ads run on the same premise but TA gives us something to think mean I can be Kevin Costner too?? Just watch the ad:

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