Monday, May 11, 2009


I finally gave in! I signed up for twitter about a month ago. Ironically enough, this was immediately after I had a debate on the point of its existence with my friend. To be honest, I just didn’t want to be left out. All that talk about “follow me on twitter” was driving me crazy! I started off adding celebrities (forget gossip magazines let’s hear it from the horses mouth, I thought). But a few weeks later, John Mayer’s incessant tweets put me off:

Hmmm, what about family & friends? I sent invites(and even personal emails) and lets just say they don’t tweet.

Next step, I added ad industry/trend spotting publications, the likes of Ad Age, PSFK, Fast Company etc and from there I added ad agencies. The result? In the less than a week, Tom Morton, Executive Planning Director of TBWA\London & Rory Sutherland new chairman of the IPA and self proclaimed “Fat bloke at Ogilvy” gotta love him) added me. Naturally that made me happy because 5 years ago you would probably have to schedule a time to meet up with people like them to hear what they have to say. Now, I know that Tim Lindsay reports to his bosses in the states and that Rory watches Mad Men. So what? My point is that social media is breaking down the boundaries and in doing so offering us the opportunity to learn about the world at large. The million dollar question is, how long will twitter last?

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