Thursday, June 24, 2010

Inspiring Thursdays

As you might have noticed with the headings, each day has a focus on a particular subject matter. So far we've had Digital, Design & Innovation. Today is a little different from the rest. While I've spent some time sharing my thoughts on ideas, brands and whatnot. Today I am changing focus to...people. Every Thursday, I will be featuring people that inspire me. People from all over the world, working in different industries. Today's feature is none other than Franchesca Leigh Ramsey from

I came across Franchesca's blog in 2008 and after watching a few of her videos, I was drawn to her bigger than life personality (the video below is one of my personal favorites). Although I discovered her blog a year before I started mine, her blog was one of the reasons why I reconsidered the "blogging thing."

With a BFA degree from Miami International University and aspirations to be a comedian, singer and entertainer,  Franchesca holds down more than just a graphic design degree. In 2008 she won the Red Carpet Reporter competition to interview celebrities for the 2008 Emmy's and she rocked it. She was also one of the many hosts of YouTube's LIVE stream.

What's there not to like about Franchesca? She is a shooting star with a bright future ahead of her!

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